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MAXXED.™ Pre-Workout



What you put into your body matters when you're competing for championships.

With 5 patented ingredients, MAXXED is formulated to deliver serious results for competitive athletes. Break through plateaus with a supplement that sets the absolute standard for sustained energy, mental clarity, and elite performance when you need to lock-in, execute, and endure. 

Learn what it feels like to get Maxxed.

FIVE patented ingredients enable you to lock in mentally, experience rapid onset energy that actually lasts, and get your body ready for competition and intense training while reaping the results:

DYNAMINE™ - For rapid onset energy and immediate impact, also shown to support increased reaction times during intense physical activity. Learn More:

ASTRAGIN® - For enhanced uptake and absorption of other key ingredients to ensure their bioavailability upon consumption. Learn More:

VEGISURGE® - All-natural caffeine to deliver a clean energy surge your body can process without jitters or a crash on the back end. Learn More:

TEACRINE® - For sustained peak energy and longevity of energy, focus, and mind-muscle connection while reducing fatigue, jitters, and increasing mental motivation. Learn More:

ALPHASIZE® - Patented form of AlphaGPC shown to enhance muscular output, increase mental acuity, and mental sharpness while promoting improved coordination. Learn More:


Quality and performance are non-negotiables for championship caliber athletes. Where other brands may go generic, cheap, and profitable - Powder Direct always utilizes proven, premium, and data backed ingredients.

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Powder Direct manufactures all of our own supplements at our FDA Registered and GMP Certified facilities. This is how we are able to control the formulation and quality of our supplements from A-Z.